Thoughts on Senior Portraits – That’s You Class of 2016!!

My senior year in high school wasn’t the best year of my life. We had some family turmoil and I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in my classes. My Calculus class proved the most challenging, but my teacher was gracious and understanding and offered me additional help that allowed me to survive the class.

The other thing I remember is that in spite of my mom’s pleas, I did not have my senior photos done. I couldn’t have cared less about them at that point in my life. What I didn’t realize was how much I would regret that decision later in life. I wish I had taken the time during a low period of my life. It would have given me the opportunity to have some fun and allow a photographer to capture who I really was in spite of my circumstances at the time. As the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20.

One of the joys of being a portrait photographer is working with high school seniors. What matters most to us when working with seniors is capturing their true personalities. We find that a lot of companies that embrace the “Sit, Smile, Next!” mentality of senior portraits miss a valuable opportunity to capture the quietness or goofiness or seriousness or actual beauty of their subjects. That’s a real travesty. At the same time, it becomes an opportunity for us to shine by making our clients shine.
Our senior sessions are at least an hour and a half long. Sometimes, we’ll spend three hours with a client and turn it into a real fashion shoot with multiple wardrobe changes and professional hair and makeup. The goal is not to simply take great photographs, but to make sure each senior we work with has a very positive and fun experience with us. With self-esteem being as significant as it is in high school, a positive senior portrait experience can sometimes give that struggling senior the confidence boost he or she needs.

If you would like to book a session with us, give us a call today at 617-444-9337. You can also see lots more of our senior work on our Facebook page. Remember, even if your school requires you to use “their” photographer for the yearbook, we can always take photos you’ll actually want to have on your walls.

Check out some of our latest work from three shoots we had in the past week. Both Katy and Micaela’s hair and makeup were done by Makeup Artist Eleni. Ryan did his own hair I think…