Rachael & Carlo’s South Shore Wedding at The Villa in East Bridgewater

Rachael and Carlo are the only couple I’ve worked with who actually burned rubber during their engagement session. To say the least, they both love cars. I’m not talking PT Cruisers. I mean real cars like a 1969 muscle car or a Rolls Royce or even a vintage Ford pickup.  Based on this fact alone,…


Stephanie & Chris’ South Shore Wedding

A lot of people ask me where we get most of our business. “Referrals” is always my response. Back in 2012, George and I photographed Dana and Dave’s wedding at The Villa in East Bridgewater. One of the groomsmen was Dave’s friend Chris. Chris referred us to his sister Allie who married Pat this past…


Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Special!!

What do you get for your mom or dad who has it all??!!  We have a great option for you – a family portrait/child portrait/pet portrait/head shot gift certificate!! Here’s the deal.  Our regular price for a portrait session is $150 for an hour or $275 for two.  From now through Saturday, June 20, 2015…



She says the funniest things. She doesn’t miss a beat. She stands on my feet repeatedly. She sings “Happy Birthday to you” non-stop even when it isn’t my birthday. She plays the piano with her mom. She hugs without fear. She cares. She wakes me up most mornings with a soft “Daddy”. She loves nature….


Thoughts on Senior Portraits – That’s You Class of 2016!!

My senior year in high school wasn’t the best year of my life. We had some family turmoil and I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in my classes. My Calculus class proved the most challenging, but my teacher was gracious and understanding and offered me additional help that allowed me to survive…


Cierra and Mike’s Winter Wonderland Wedding at The Villa in East Bridgewater

Although winter isn’t our busy season, we always enjoy winter weddings because they provide photographic opportunities you just don’t get in August. We did have snow one year for a wedding on October 29 (remember that Erin & Anthony!). That’s pretty rare though. Cierra and Mike’s wedding in early March would give us a second…


Freezing my A$$ off for Charity – Jordan’s Polar Plunge!

Back in 2012, George and I had the privilege of photographing Karen and Colby’s wedding in Plymouth, MA. The two of them cracked me up. Their energy, smiles and enthusiastic group of friends made for a memorable wedding. I think Colby’s surprise line dance with some of his buddies was the icing on the cake….

Alyson & Chris’ Winter Romance Wedding at Gibbet Hill

The last three words any New Englander wants to hear at this point are “Snow is beautiful!”. Then again, it may be, “More snow coming”. But seriously, snow is beautiful and makes for absolutely magical photos. It’s probably one of my favorite weather conditions for portraits. We had the privilege of photographing Alyson and Chris’…

Wedding Photography Myths Part 1 – “I must hire a photographer who has previously worked at my venue.”

A question I’m regularly asked is, “Have you previously worked at my wedding venue?” Sometimes we have and sometimes we haven’t. The real question is – is this the best question to ask a prospective photographer? My answer is no. Here’s why. I googled “wedding venues in eastern Massachusetts” and it quickly took me to…

“Once-in-a-generation” ice formations on Cape Cod & a spider in the truck

I was sitting in bed the other night checking my Facebook newsfeed when a post from WBZ 4 popped up on the screen and caught my eye. It was an article about giant chunks of ice washing ashore on Cape Cod due to the harsh conditions on the bay this winter. Then I read this:…