She says the funniest things.

She doesn’t miss a beat.

She stands on my feet repeatedly.

She sings “Happy Birthday to you” non-stop even when it isn’t my birthday.

She plays the piano with her mom.

She hugs without fear.

She cares.

She wakes me up most mornings with a soft “Daddy”.

She loves nature.

She has energy that makes a nuclear power plant look like a watch battery.

She laughs.

She goes shopping with me.

She makes strangers’ days brighter.

She is her mother in so many ways.

She makes me think in ways I haven’t before.

She cuddles with me and I never want it to stop.

She brings life to any situation.

She prays.

She gets crazy excited to see people she loves.

She is a darn good photographer.

She gets distracted as easily as I do.


She would eat munchkins every day if I let her.

She can tick me off and melt my heart at the same time.

She is WAY smarter than me.


I love her. And always will.